“Seven Propositions on Culture” James Davison Hunter

Proposition One:
Culture is a system of truth claims and moral obligations.

Proposition Two:
Culture is a product of history

Proposition Three:
Culture is intrinsically dialectical

Proposition Four:
Culture is a resource and, as such, a form of power

Proposition Five:
Cultural production and symbolic capital are stratified in a fairly rigid structure of “center” and “periphery”

Proposition Six:
Culture is generated within networks

Proposition Seven:
Culture is neither autonomous nor fully coherent

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“A Declaration of Compassion” by Dave Donaldson, cofounder, Convoy of Hope

I just finished reading The Compassion Revolution: How God Can Use You to Meet the Worlds Greatest Needs by Dave Donaldson, cofounder of Convoy of Hope.  It is one of the better social justice books I have read this year.  Here are three reasons I enjoyed the book.  First, the chapters are short and to the point.  I never read more than one chapter per day, and it fit my busy schedule perfectly.  Second, each chapter is filled with stories that inspire action.  More than once I finished a chapter with tears in my eyes.  Third, nearly every chapter has a “What Can I Do? Practical Ways to Make a Difference…” section.  There are over 50 different suggestions that are both simple and concrete.

At the end of the book Donaldson offers a “Declaration of Compassion,”  and although he calls it a “work in progress,” I find the declarations worth sharing!

Declaration 1

Compassion revolutionaries become aware of the depth and immensity of the needs of others.

Declaration 2

Compassion revolutionaries recognize the biblical imperative to care for the needs of “the least of these.”

Declaration 3

Compassion revolutionaries challenge the perception that the problem is too big to be fixed, and they catch the vision of being the hands and feet of Jesus.

Declaration 4

Compassion revolutionaries change their priorities so more time and resources can flow to others.  They don’t allow self-interest to completely determine their decisions and votes, but consider how their choices affect the poor and needy.

Declaration 5

Compassion revolutionaries reach out to meet needs worldwide without neglecting the needs in their own backyard.

Declaration 6

Compassion revolutionaries look for ways to cooperate with others to bring about healing and change.

Declaration 7

Compassion revolutionaries find the joy and fulfillment that comes from making a difference in other people’s lives.

What do you think?

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